Mothering Forum is a brain-based parenting company founded and created by Marissa Gold.  At Mothering Forum, we fundamentally believe that the intellectual growth and experiential opportunities that exist for children between birth and five years are crucial and irreplaceable.  Mothering Forum utilizes the understanding of how a child’s brain develops in the first five years of life and applies parenting and educational methods to best support, nurture and stimulate the best early childhood development possible.  Through educational programs for parents and early socio-educational programming for children, birth-five years, Mothering Forum aims to educate parents to be the best parent possible:  the parent you WANT to be and know you CAN be but may not know HOW to be.

Additional information coming soon.  To contact Marissa Gold at Mothering Forum, please email: or call 818-850-1508.



New Classes Starting!

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Neuro-Development Parenting Classes and Consulting